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Fiduciaries’ Branding Expresses Undivided Loyalty


Cornerstone comprises two registered investment advisers that specialize in consulting to institutions and wealthy families. The company is 100% focused on client needs and goals and looked to us to develop a brand identity to reflect that sentiment, in addition to creating a continued stream of marketing communications.


Because Cornerstone prides itself on having no conflicts of interest and, therefore, has the luxury of staying 100% focused on its clients, we created “Undivided Loyalty” to serve as the core of their branding message. It conveys a promise of complete commitment to the clients' fiduciary interests, freedom and opportunity, a sentiment that is prominently featured on all branding materials, including the company's website, event materials, and informative collateral.





One, unified brand umbrella across all channels.


Bring “Cornerstone Companies” to page one of search results among others in financial sector, to help clarify Cornerstone's site versus the many other “Cornerstones” on the web.

New Markets

Help Cornerstone test newly identified markets with bold direct mail and collateral.

MoJo Active did not just try to understand our services. They came in and after a lot of discovery identified our key differentiator: our commitment to our clients. Since that point their team continues to provide new ways to communicate that with existing and prospective clients.

-Thomas J. Scalici, CEO